Add Scale Out Storage to Veeam
This will guide you through what needs to be done in the Veeam Backup and Replication console to configure ICOS as scale out storage.
From the Veeam Backup and Replication console click on Backup Infrastructure and then right click on Add Scale out repository:
Add Scale Out
Give the new Scale out repository a name and click Next
Under Performance Tier click Add and then select the newly created backup repository.
Select Extend scale-out with object storage and click the Add button.
Select IBM Cloud Object Storage
Add the Cloud Object Storage endpoint for your bucket as well as the HMAC credentials we created earlier. The bucket that I am going to be offloading backups to was created as a us-south regional bucket. As such I am adding the private us-south endpoint To see all available endpoints see Object Storage Endpoints.
Add endpoint
Next to credentials click Add. This is where you will add the HMAC keys that we generated previously. With those credentials added click Next. You will now select the COS bucket to use. Under Folder selection click Browse and click Add Folder to create a new directory within the bucket. Click Next to get to the Review page. If everything looks good click Finish.
You are now dropped back in to the Scale out repository wizard. You can now set the age out policy for backups in this backup repository. Make sure the Move backups to object storage checkbox is checked and set your policy. The default is 30 days.
Click Apply and review the creation details. Click Finish.
Make sure to select your newly created backup repository when creating new backup jobs to ensure that your backup roll-off operations run as expected.
Targeting new backup repository
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